Auto-Dimming Mirror & Homelink

$309.95 Installed
or from $5.00/Month!
STi Performane Exhaust System

$1,199.95 Installed
or from $19.00/Month!
Vortex Generator
$79.00 Installed
or from $1.50/Month! 
All-Weather Floor Mats

$79.95 Installed
or from $1.50/Month!
Aero Splash Guards
$229.95 Installed
or from $2.50/Month! 
STi Performance Short-Throw Shifter
$395.00 Installed
or from $6.00/Month! 
Center Armrest Extension

$189.00 Installed
or from $3.00/Month!
Footwell Illumination Kit

$329.95 Installed
or from $3.00/Month!  
Rear Bumper Applique

$74.99 Installed
or from $1.50/Month! 

Equip Your Subaru WRX with Genuine Subaru Accessories from First Team Subaru Norfolk in Norfolk, VA

The Subaru WRX is known for its performance--and here at First Team Subaru Norfolk, we're proud to carry a number of genuine Subaru accessories specifically designed for the WRX. Accessories like the STi Short-throw shifter kit, Vortex Generator, STi Performance Exhaust System can increase your performance and drive feel, while all-weather floor mats and a rear bumper applique will help protect your WRX. Don't forget convenience features like a dimming compass mirror and a footwell illumination kit! Head to First Team Subaru Norfolk, serving Norfolk, VA, to find these and other great accessories for the Subaru WRX.