The ONLY nationwide Lifetime Warranty in Hampton Roads on every New and most Used Vehicles.

Requirements to maintain the warranty:
Follow Manufacturer recommended maintenance
Retain copies of all Manufacturer recommended maintenance
Maintenance must be performed by a Certified Repair Facility

It follows you everywhere you go in life!

It moves when you move!

It gets transferred when you get transferred!
Military (not transferable to another person/owner)

Looking to buy a Used vehicle for your college student? It goes to college they go to college!


at First Team Store
The ONLY dealer to offer a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty AND offer oil changes forever!
Requirements to remain eligable for oil changes forever:
-Perform ALL Manufacturer recommended services at selling First Team Auto dealership
-Display FTA license plate frame or FTA decal on rear of vehicles

at First Team Store
Never pay for a State Inspection by the selling FTA Dealership!
Requirements to maintain eligibility:
-First Team must perform your annual State Inspection
-No reimbursement for other facilities to perform the State Inspection

OEM part replacement - Lifetime parts & Labor guarantee

Only pay once when you choose a factory OEM part replacement with First Team
Requirements to maintain eligibility:
-Initial repair must be performed by trhe selling First Team dealership using the OEM suggested part and First Team provide the labor
-If the initial repair fails, First Team will cover the replacement part and labor at no charge

within 50 miles of Dealership
If your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident within 50 miles of the selling First Team dealership, we will pay to have your vehicles towed to the selling First Team dealership or the closest First Team Collision Center.